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Our know-how in Degree Transfers

Every college and every university offer a limited number of places for transfer students. Knowing the timings and making sure the documents are presented in the right form is the key to access one of those limited spaces.

Students who wish to transfer their Bachelor degree to Spanish Universities can apply directly to the school/College/Faculty where they whish to study if they have completed a minimum of 30 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) or the equivalent in their home country.

However, the process is not as simple as that as students need to validate these credits to get acceptance in the Spanish University and make sure that they comply with all the deadlines and requirements of this university.

Study Abroad Services acts as facilitator of this process and helps students in all the different steps to get the acceptance. Students have to bear in mind that Study Abroad Services cannot guarantee the acceptance as it is only the dean of the Faculty the one that can authorize the acceptance to the desired studies.

How do we help you

Given the huge number of documents and information that students have to present it is only with the aid of a professional service that students can deal with the application requirements.

SAS experts will meet with the universities admissions teams to discuss the student’s profile and make sure that they have a real chance of being accepted. It is essential that the deadlines are met as there are very few places offered every year.

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